Should I engage a lawyer?

You are able to act on your own behalf if you are an individual. However, if you are unfamiliar with civil litigation rules and procedure or have some difficulty with understanding the English language, you might find that you can easily become lost in the labyrinth of legal jargon, civil procedure rules and practice.

The following types of parties must be represented by lawyers in court proceedings unless the Court grants permission to an officer to represent them:
(i) a company;
(ii) a limited liability partnership; or
(iii) an unincorporated association (other than a partnership or a registered trade union).

In order for an officer to represent such parties, an application for permission (otherwise referred to as “leave of Court”) under Order 1 Rule 9 of the Rules of Court by an application by Summons supported by an Affidavit which must be filed and served.

If you decide that you need help because you are unable to deal with Court proceedings yourself, please contact us as early as possible to avoid prejudice to your case by reason of delay.

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