Family Law

In an imperfect world, marriages do break down. “In the end, they live happily ever after” may be an ideal finale for a romantic novel or movie. In a real world, after a failed relationship, can you start afresh with a new sunrise – even after? A new hope can arise if you seek proper and practical legal advice and let the sands of time wash away your bad memories.

Family law covers a wide area beyond divorce, access, custody, care and control of minor children, maintenance, personal protection order, domestic exclusion order, pre-nuptial agreements and division of matrimonial assets. It can include more serious issues, including cross-border child kidnapping, a stop-order and a worldwide freezing order of assets.

When do you need a lawyer?

Your felt needs, not just your real needs matter to us. As litigation can be acrimonious, long-drawn and expensive, you should know your rights more than looking for a fight. Especially if your marriage involves young children, we urge both parties to go for professional or pastoral counselling first to determine whether the marriage can be saved. Alternatively, you may opt for a Deed of Separation to give each other a reality check or a cooling-off period. It takes two hands to clap. The legal option should be the last resort – unless you are sued first. Even so, we try to adopt a collaborative approach involving lawyers with their clients, child psychologists or other relevant professionals. If the marriage cannot be saved, we offer a helping hand to guide you through the divorce and ancillary proceedings and post-divorce relationship with your children. With proper guidance, you can minimize the acrimony and move on to watch a new sunrise. Divorce is not the end.

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